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WaveTex Pillowcase

A Brand-New Way of Sound Sleep


Your pillow is covered with a piece of old tech… It's time to change that.

Incredibly soft, clean, and beautifully designed, our pillowcases are engineered with some of the most advanced textiles that are naturally cooling and hypoallergenic... It's called WaveTex! And, we made a pillowcase with it.

Tailor your pillow to suit your sleeping patterns

Cooling Comfort, Ergonomic, Breathable, & Hypoallergenic.

Point 01

Customizable with its Expandable Band

fit one to four pillows-choose the density and height of your pillow based on your sleeping patterns and preferences.

Point 02

No Sweats- Super Cooling with 3D Surfaces

the WaveTex features perfect venfilation-helps to keep you sleeping with an optimal temperature. Super satisfying to touch.

Point 03

No Harsh Chemicals

WaveTex is never treated with chemicals that create atrifical cooling sensation. As natural as it gets.

Point 04


Lint-free & wrinkle, shrink, fade, and stain-resistant

Point 05

Portable & Washable

take it anywhere so always feel like your're sleeping at home. Also, extremely durable and lint-free-wash it as many times as you want to always feel it new and fresh.


**Measurements can be greater or smaller by 0.5 inches.

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